Want to build your dream business and stay calm?

Do you have a business and feel overwhelmed, overworked, frazzled, stressed, weary?

You are not alone and I can help.

Having your own business doing what you love is wonderful and very rewarding, but it also comes with its own complexity and challenges, which can cause a lot of stress.

There is so much to do in business and making space to care for and rejuvenate yourself may seem like an unnecessary indulgence. But in order to share your gifts with the world and create the business you are dreaming of then you must have strategies to manage stress.

YOU are the greatest asset in your business and it is very important that you look after yourself!

This is why I created Stress to Calm: 21 days of cultivating calm, to help women work toward their business dream from a place of calm.

Everything I teach you are strategies that I use in my own business and life, they are simple yet effective ways to cultivate calm and very easy to integrate into your business and day to day life.

Making time for calm improved my well-being, maintained my positivity, helped me stay grounded during challenges and continue to work toward my business dreams despite setbacks. It changed my business and life, and it can change yours too.

Here’s how the course works …

Each day for 21 days you will get:

  • Video lesson

    A video lesson with a new calming tip

  • Transcript

    A downloadable transcript of your lesson

  • Actions

    Actions to cultivate calm

The actions include a collection of downloadable worksheets, instructions or meditations and they have been chosen to easily be part of your business as well as everyday life.

Ultimately you want calming practices to be a daily habit and a way of life.

When you implement calming strategies as part of your daily life you will see positive change.

BONUS Calm and Happiness Journal

When you enroll in this course you also will get a BONUS 54 page Calm and Happiness Journal, filled with a collection of prompts to help you cultivate more peace and joy and reflect on the good things in your business and life.
Calm and Happiness Journal

By the end of the 21 days you will have a toolkit of calming tips to help you create a daily habit of calm as well as strategies to use during stressful times.

Stress to Calm: 21 days of cultivating calm

Day 0 is yours free

When you are calm you can be the best you can be in business

What women are saying

Pam Duncan

“Kim’s teaching style is so calm and soothing she makes me feel instantly relaxed.”

Sylvia Yu

“This course was great, it gave me lots of simple and straightforward techniques for overcoming stress and helping me relax.”

Skye Nelson

“I love it!! Thank you just what I needed!”


“I liked the variety of techniques and simple exercises to deal with stress, I found the course really helpful.”

This course in not just about learning it is about DOING

The focus of this course is to experiment with practices to help cultivate calm and find the strategies that work best for you. Learning without action is pointless. After the 21 days you will feel clear and confident about which calming strategies work for you so you can build your dream business and stay calm.

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Kim McCormick

I am here to help you live your business dream and build a business that you not only love, but that is successful and sustainable. I know firsthand the challenges of running a small business, you are not alone. I combine my own personal business experience with my formal business studies to support other women on their business journey. I have a holistic approach to business and teach female business owners to get business savvy, develop a business mindset and integrate self-care into business life. My special gift is to take complex information and teach it in a simple and straightforward way, learning from me will make it easier for you to follow your passion, build your dream business and make a positive impact on the world with your own special gifts.

Course Outline

  • 2


    • Welcome to Stress to Calm

  • 3

    1: Connect with your business dream

    • Connect with your business dream lesson

    • Connect with your business dream transcript

    • Connect with your business dream actions

  • 4

    2: Make time for you

    • Make time for you lesson

    • Make time for you transcript

    • Make time for you actions

  • 5

    3: Single-tasking

    • Single-tasking lesson

    • Single-tasking transcript

    • Single-tasking actions

  • 6

    4: Release muscle tension

    • Release muscle tension lesson

    • Release muscle tension transcript

    • Release muscle tension actions

  • 7

    5: Stop comparing

    • Stop comparing lesson

    • Stop comparing transcript

    • Stop comparing actions

  • 8

    6: Say no

    • Say no lesson

    • Say no transcript

    • Say no actions

  • 9

    7: Breathe

    • Breathe lesson

    • Breathe transcript

    • Breathe actions

  • 10

    8: Forget work-life balance

    • Forget work-life balance lesson

    • Forget work-life balance transcript

    • Forget work-life balance actions

  • 11

    9: Cultivate gratitude

    • Cultivate gratitude lesson

    • Cultivate gratitude transcript

    • Cultivate gratitude actions

  • 12

    10: Establish boundaries

    • Establish boundaries lesson

    • Establish boundaries transcript

    • Establish boundaries actions

  • 13

    11: Rest and sleep

    • Rest and sleep lesson

    • Rest and sleep transcript

    • Rest and sleep actions

  • 14

    12: Nourish your body

    • Nourish your body lesson

    • Nourish your body transcript

    • Nourish your body actions

  • 15

    13: Do it first

    • Do it first lesson

    • Do it first transcript

    • Do it first actions

  • 16

    14: Reframe negative thoughts

    • Reframe negative thoughts lesson

    • Reframe negative thoughts transcript

    • Reframe negative thoughts actions

  • 17

    15: Sit in silence

    • Sit in silence lesson

    • Sit in silence transcript

    • Sit in silence actions

  • 18

    16: Delegate

    • Delegate lesson

    • Delegate transcript

    • Delegate actions

  • 19

    17: Make peace with failure

    • Make peace with failure lesson

    • Make peace with failure transcript

    • Make peace with failure actions

  • 20

    18: Declutter

    • Declutter lesson

    • Declutter transcript

    • Declutter actions

  • 21

    19: Go for a walk

    • Go for a walk lesson

    • Go for a walk transcript

    • Go for a walk actions

  • 22

    20: Don’t quit your day job

    • Don’t quit your day job lesson

    • Don't quit your day job transcript

    • Don’t quit your day job actions

  • 23

    21: Celebrate your success (big and small)

    • Celebrate your success lesson

    • Celebrate your success transcript

    • Celebrate your success actions

  • 24

    Next steps

    • Next steps

  • 25


    • Calm and happiness journal