Want to increase your possibility of small business success?

FREE 5 Day Challenge

Over 5 days I’m going to take you through the key elements you need for small business success.

Yes those typical aspects of business like a good idea, market research and a solid plan are important for business success, but there are smaller and simpler things that will make a really big impact to your small business and that are necessary for business success.

Having the right mindset, clarity, support and taking imperfect action is a game changer when it comes to success unlocking your full potential.

This 5 day challenge will help you overcome some of the mindset hurdles many female small business owners have as well as helping you get clarity, support and taking action so you can bring your ideas to life.

Success is not an accident

What will you learn over the 5 days?

  • Day 1: Have a clear vision

    To create the small business of your dreams, you first need to know where you are headed.

  • Day 2: Build your support network

    You can’t be successful if you don’t have a support network to help you achieve your small business dreams.

  • Day 3: Structure and prioritize your day

    To have a super productive day you need to set priorities and schedule your day by creating a time slot for the tasks that need to be done.

  • Day 4: Act like a business owner

    Regardless of your business size, you need to think and act like a business owner. When you take your business seriously, so does everyone else

  • Day 5: Take imperfect action

    The trick to success, is to be brave and bold and to take imperfect action.

By the end of the 5 days you will have the foundations in place for small business success

If you want your small business dreams to become a reality, you need to lay the foundations for success.

Let me show you how
Set yourself up for small business success 5 day challenge

Who is this challenge for?

  • Women just starting a small business

    If you are ready to stop dreaming and start doing this challenge will help you start strong by setting yourself up for success from the beginning.

  • Women with an established small business

    If you been in business for a while and feeling confused and overwhelmed this challenge will bring back to basics to help you get back on track.

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You have the dream

I want to help you make it happen

This 5 day challenge will get you taking purposeful steps toward creating the small business of your dreams.
Set yourself up for small business success challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start and finish?

    You get instant access when you enroll, the course is completely self-paced and it’s entirely up to you when you start and finish.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    After enrolling you have lifetime and unlimited access to the course, across all and any devices you own.

Your Teacher

Master of Business Administration

Kim McCormick

I am here to help you live your business dream and build a small business that you not only love, but that is successful and sustainable. I know firsthand the challenges of running a small business, you are not alone. I combine my own personal business experience with my formal business studies to support other women on their business journey. I have a holistic approach to small business and teach female small business owners to get business savvy, develop a business mindset and integrate self-care into small business life. My special gift is to take complex information and teach it in a simple and straightforward way, learning from me will make it easier for you to follow your passion, build your dream small business and make a positive impact on the world with your own special gifts.